Portrait of Quantz (ca. 1735) by Johann Friedrich Gerhard, Bayreuth, Eremitage, Altes Schloß (76KB) Scheden



Scheden, a village in the south of Lower Saxony between Göttingen and Kassel is the place of birth of J.J. Quantz. Earlier, the small town was made up of the two villages Upper and Lower Scheden. The birthplace of Quantz, a blacksmith’s shop, was located at the corner Kirchstrasse/Quantzstrasse (seen in direction of the church) on the right in the district Oberscheden. It doesn’t exist anymore, therefore the memorial plague was installed at the next house (in a little while a new plague is going to be installed at the place of the birthplace). Furthermore, there is a school and a monument with a plaza bearing his name.

Quantz-monument: (Excerpt of “950 Jahre Scheden” by Gottfried Mehr)
In 1913 already, the sculptor Professor Gustav Eberlein (Münden), originated in Spiekershausen, had created a plaster design which though wasn’t used, as, in 1934, the Quantz-fountain was able to inaugurate on September 23rd. One thinks that the decision against the model of Eberlein effected on the question of cost. Instead, the “Putte” of the sculptor Heinz Detlef Wüpper (Münden) was preferred. Another picture shows the old monument from 1934 with citizens from Scheden.
In the year of 1973 – on the occasion of the 200th day of death of our flute master – the alcove of the monument below the Quantz-plaza was modernized and modified. This “Putte” (today, after reconstruction, it’s positioned in the entrance hall of the school) was vandalized by unknown persons at the end of the eighties. Therefore, one made the decision to commission a new Quantz-monument. This assignment was to be solved by both, the town council and “The Local History and Geography Association Scheden”, whereas the latter was assigned to clarify all questions about planning and organisation. It also was very successful in securing benefits and donations; one was able to bring up DM 23.000 for the needed DM 61.000 because of the efforts of this association.
One had recommended the sculptor Georg Arfmann from Königslutter, who works as freelance artist since 1952 for the designing of a new monument.
But first of all there was a – sometimes controversial – finding phase, in whose process an enormous majority of all adult citizens argued in a poll for a historical figure, like the one of Arfmann. Our flute master as bronze was constructed according to two patterns of pictures so that it fits into our village and, moreover, resembles our composer. Unfortunately, the inner structure of the used bronze shows lacks, therefore some visible discolorations require a treatment from time to time. One time, the figure had to be returned for two weeks to the studio of the bronze molder in Worpswede to be worked up.
But generally speaking, the new Quantz-monument in Scheden is a felicitous and coherent work of art, which enriches our village very much.
The inauguration took place on June 23rd 1991, solemnly framed by music of J.J. Quantz, presented by the flute ensemble “pro musica rara” of the Symphony Orchestra Gelsenkirchen (conductor: Ingo Groenewald), by a  music group of the music school Merseburg “Johann Joachim Quantz”, and by the musicologist und flutist Meike ten Brink (earlier: Göttingen, now: Hamburg), who held a lecture, too. (She wrote her dissertation about the flute concerts written by J.J. Quantz.)
More than 500 people from far and near came to the inauguration. The whole village street was closed for traffic. After the official ceremony with wonderful weather there was a  fair on the Quantz-plaza with performances of the square dance group, local choirs and outside guests and clubs. This unforgettable day will always be in remembrance of the new era of the Quantz-adoration.

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