Portrait of Quantz (ca. 1735) by Johann Friedrich Gerhard, Bayreuth, Eremitage, Altes Schloß (76KB) Exhibition



Flyer of the exhibition (pdf  222 KB)


April to October


3:00 - 5:00 pm


2,50 €

Flyer of the exhibition (pdf 222 KB)
Picture gallery of the opening of the exhibition
Picture gallery of the exhibition

For groups there can be made special appointments to other times all year round:
telephone: (05546) 688
 or   (05546) 283

Free entrance for schools and kindergartens as well as children in company of adults.

Local Map of Scheden with Church

Quantz-Museum Takes Shape: The Realisation of the Planning Begins

After the financial base was secured and the adjustment with the office for building structure and arts Hildesheim had occurred, the first thoughts for the design of the museum could adopt precise forms.

Since the beginning, one was sure not to change the room in the church too much. There were no constructional changes planned except for the electric installation, a revision of the floor, a new coat of pain and the installation of an antiglare shield. These workings have been commissioned mostly by now.

Parallel to this, one is working on the formulation and purchasing of the exhibition objects. Texts, graphics, maps, and pictures are already conceived; the construction of display cases is commissioned.

A replica of a transverse flute like Quantz had built it was made by company Wenner in Singen and a modern transverse flute for comparison could also be purchased. Moreover, several historical coins, copies of pictures, and music as well as literature.

If the workings go on fast, the museum will be able to have its opening in spring 2004. Then visitors will be offered portraits of Quantz and Frederic the Great, a presentation of life and work of Quantz, a cartographic presentation of his travels and stations of his life. Furthermore, visitors can follow up the correspondence between Quantz and his contemporaries, can have a look at copies of autographs of his music and his well known book “Method for Playing the Transverse Flute“. A special climax is going to be the “Listening-bar”, where one can listen to recordings of his compositions. The location of a new memorial plaque on the position of the birthplace is planned.


Special thanks for their support goes to all members of the Johann-Joachim-Quantz-Association.

Horst Metje   
1st president   

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