Portrait of Quantz (ca. 1735) by Johann Friedrich Gerhard, Bayreuth, Eremitage, Altes Schloß (76KB) Curriculum Vitae



Personal data sheet of Johann Joachim Quantz (in imitation on “950 Jahre Scheden” by Ewald Schilling and advices by Dr. Meike ten Brink):

January 30th 1697

Quantz is born in Oberscheden as the son of the blacksmith Andreas Quantz

February 6th 1697

Baptized in Oberscheden as Hanß Joachim; he called himself Johann Joachim later

May 19th 1702

Death of the mother


Quantz’ father marries again

April 27th 1707

The father dies and the stepmother in the same year

August 1708

Emigration to Merseburg to his uncle Justus Quantz, a town musician; there more then 5 years of music apprenticeship: violin, trumpet, oboe, cornett, trombone, bugle, recorder, double bass, violoncello, viola da gamba, and piano

December 1713

Completion of the apprenticeship, he is absolved but stays as assistant in Merseburg


Temporary job as town musician in Radeberg and Pirna, return to Merseburg


Quantz becomes member of the Dresden town band


Journey to Vienna, studies counterpoint in Vienna under Jan Dismas Zelenka

from March 1718

Quantz is appointed oboist in the Polish chapel of Augustus II


he takes up the flute, studying for four months with Pierre Gabriel Buffardin; acquaintance to Johann Georg Pisendel


Quantz becomes godfather of his nephew in Oberscheden


Journey to Prague, attends a representation of opera on the occasion of the coronation of the emperor Karl VI


Educational journey to Italy, studies counterpoint and composition with Francesco Gasparini in Rome


Journey to Neaples, meeting with Alessandro Scarlatti and Johann Adolf Hasse, return to Rome


Journey to Florence, Bologna, Venice, Milan, Turin, and Paris.


Arrival in London, meeting with Georg Friedrich Händel, return journey to Dresden passing Holland; he is made a member of the court Kapelle

January 1728

Quantz meets Frederic, Royal Prince of Prussia in Dresden (later Frederic the Great)

May 1728

Residence in Berlin, he takes over flute lessons for the crown prince – two times a year


Marriage with the widow Anna Schindler


Quantz starts to build flutes himself


Quantz is named composer of the Royal Room in Berlin with a unusual high salary, professor of flute of King of Prussia, composer of the Court, and supervisor of chamber music

September 1752

Publication of the book “Method for Playing the Transverse Flute“, translated into several European languages, 2nd and 3rd edition in 1780 and 1785


Quantz’ autobiography appears in Wilhelm Marpurg’s book “Historisch- kritische Beyträge zur Aufnahme der Musik”


Quantz drafts a résumé for Padre Martini’s “Storia della Musica”

July 12th 1773

Johann Joachim Quantz’ funeral in Potsdam

July 14th 1773

Burial on the cemetary in front of the Nauener Tor; artistic Tomb on inducement of the king

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